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4 Key Benefits of Marchex Marketing Edge GA4 Integration

Effective July 1, 2023, Google says goodbye to Universal Analytics (UA) and makes way for Google Analytics 4 (GA4), the next iteration of digital analytics which tracks both web and app activity.   

To help marketers and businesses meet the customer journey opportunities in front of them, Marchex today introduces the general availability of its GA4 integration with Marketing Edge.  By combining Marketing Edge’s call tracking and conversational intelligence with GA4, you can amplify your understanding of the customer journey with increased visibility into every customer phone call, ultimately allowing you to create a better customer experience, improve phone call interactions, and drive revenue and profits. Read on for some of the key features:  


One of the key benefits of the Marketing Edge GA4 integration is its ability to complement and enhance your GA4 strategy by supporting any schema through using configurable event names and parameters. For example, auto dealers that use the Automotive Standards Council (ASC) schema can successfully set up their Marketing Edge GA4 integration using the ASC recommended event names and parameters.  Companies that use their own custom schema are also supported. 

Multiple Events per Call 

Not all phone calls are equal. The Marketing Edge GA4 integration introduces the ability to upload multiple events per call using simple or advanced criteria driven by conversational intelligence.  This results in a clear view per channel into the quantity, quality, handling, and outcomes of calls driven by your efforts. Using multiple events per call simplifies setup, enhances reporting, and enables more granular conversion tracking.  


Built with multi-location enterprises and agencies in mind, the Marketing Edge GA4 integration is configurable via UI or API, and can be efficiently applied to tens, hundreds, or thousands of properties. Whether you are tracking calls to a single location within an organization, or thousands of locations across a business, the integration is built to serve you.  

Filling in the offline blanks in online journeys using Session-based DNI 

Phone calls are one of the key interactions in your customer journey. While they may be driven by online activity, phone calls often happen offline.  For example, a visitor may arrive on your website on their desktop or tablet but make the call to your business using their mobile phone.  By default, Google would be unable to tie these two activities together, or even know the phone call occurred.  

When using session-based DNI, Marketing Edge is able to connect the offline call back to the online session that drove it, turning what was previously a blind spot into events, conversions, and audiences that enable businesses to create better experiences for their customers.  

Marketing Edge’s GA4 integration promises to bring customizability, granularity, scalability, and visibility to your phone call reporting in Google Analytics. The integration provides actionable data to help shed more light on the customer journey, create better customer experiences, and make important decisions about your marketing strategies. 

To learn more about Marketing Edge’s integration with GA4 or to get started contact us.