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Enrich Data Within Your Current Platform with Marchex Platform Services

With Marchex Platform Services, you can apply conversation intelligence to your data without porting phone numbers, using call tracking numbers or switching platforms. Our conversation intelligence technology can help your organization understand sales conversation outcomes at scale, solve challenges that revenue teams frequently face, and is able to integrate with a variety of systems many businesses already use.   

Label Calls to Determine Outcomes 

Marchex Platforms Services was built to resolve many common issues that emerge for sales and marketing teams. For one, conversation intelligence technology cuts costs by automatically classifying calls so users can spend less time listening to their sales calls and more time prioritizing their leads. The platform identifies which calls are more likely to result in a buy, directing sales and marketing teams to the most promising prospects.  

Understand Conversation Outcomes at Scale 

Marchex Platform Services enables businesses to automatically score and classify voice calls so sales teams can focus on the conversations that matter most, empowering them to take the right actions in the moments that matter.  Call audio recordings are ingested from your existing communication platform, transcribed and analyzed by Marchex Platform Services, and the resulting data is delivered to your existing platform of choice via API or webhook, or optionally viewed in the Sales Enablement UI, for action. By helping sales and marketing teams capture specific phone conversation analytics and insights at scale needed to act immediately and win more business, Marchex Platform Services fills an insights gap for market-leading companies. 


Marchex Platform Services features several integrations, making it easy for users to reap the benefits of conversation intelligence technology without needing to learn a new system. Users can uncover key details from their sales calls with minimal setup time. Current integrations include Twilio, Five9, Telnyx, Amazon S3/SFTP, RingCentral, and more. To view the full list, read our developer documentation.  

Learn More 

If you are losing customers to your competitors because calls are going unanswered, hold times are too long, or agents aren’t providing the best options, schedule time to learn more about how we can help save those lost opportunities.