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Focus on Calls that Matter

Home service companies should prioritize important calls to ensure efficient resource allocation, enhance customer satisfaction, resolve urgent issues promptly, and maintain a positive brand image. A focus on critical calls optimizes time, resources, and service quality — ultimately benefiting both the company and its customers. 

But how does a home service company do this efficiently amidst the multitude of calls they receive daily? 

Here are four easy and cost-effective technologies to deploy: 

Record All Calls 

Record all incoming calls, and ideally, outgoing calls too. Most VoIP providers offer call recording. If you utilize call tracking numbers, incoming calls usually get recorded.  

Utilize AI-Powered Call Summaries 

Reviewing call recordings can be a time-consuming task, especially with many calls coming in daily. How can a manager or administrator find the time for this? The solution lies in AI-generated summaries of call outcomes. The purpose of AI-generated call summaries is to condense the content of a phone call into 3 to 5 brief sentences, irrespective of its duration.  This allows you to quickly review calls and focus on the calls that matter.   

Leverage Call Scoring 

Deploying automated call scoring systems can streamline the review process by assigning scores to calls based on predetermined criteria. Some examples of predetermined criteria are appointments booked and for what service or product, appointments not booked and why, and non-bookable calls and why. This allows the company to focus on calls that meet specific thresholds or criteria for further analysis, ensuring that time is spent efficiently on calls that matter the most. 

Add an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) 

IVR technology is designed to automate interactions with callers, allowing them to navigate through a menu of options using their telephone keypad or voice commands. This allows you to segment callers based on their needs. For example, customers requesting new appointments can be directed to a specialized agent, while customers needing to confirm or reschedule an appointment can be directed to a different group of agents.  

When employing an IVR system, prioritize the customer experience. A recommended business practice is to keep the IVR brief and to the point. It’s a good idea to always include an option for “other” or a way to reach a human for more assistance.  

These tools can collectively contribute to improved customer service, employee development, and operational efficiency, making them valuable assets for a home service company seeking to enhance its overall performance. 

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