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GA4 Integration is More Than a Checked Box

Marchex’ GA4 + Marketing Edge integration is more than a just checked box. This integration gives users the ability to understand how visitors arrive and interact with their web and app properties. Our GA4 Integration has been available for early access since February 2023 and reached General Availability in April 2023. Since Google sunset Universal Analytics (UA) on July 1st, 2023, it is more important than ever to familiarize yourself with the multitude of benefits our Marketing Edge + GA4 Integration offers.    

Fill Offline Blanks 

Phone calls are a key part of the customer’s journey to the sale, but they happen offline. Customers interact with businesses on multiple devices, but traditional software often cannot link phone calls with the online tools that drive them. The Marchex Marketing Edge + GA4 integration can link actions on a desktop with phone calls using session-based Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) technology. More knowledge of how customers interact with your business can be used to improve the customer service experience. 

Events and Conversion Events 

Not all calls are equal. Users can view the quantity and quality of events in reporting per channel to facilitate ease of use for conversions. Both simple criteria such as minimum duration and advanced criteria powered by Conversational AI can be leveraged to identify the quantity vs. quality of events. The Marketing Edge + GA4 Integration allows users to track events or conversion events separately. Marketing Edge users can fully customize event names to fit into their schema and measurement strategy. Conversations can be scored as a sales opportunity or appointment booked to name a couple of examples of strong conversions. Additionally, users can send multiple events per call so they can easily report on calls in GA4 based on the content of the call and use more valuable calls as conversion events rather than just the traditional web-only click-to-call. 

Customize for Your Organization’s Needs 

Another key benefit of the integration is scalability and customizability. Configurable event names and parameters allow the Marketing Edge + GA4 integration to support any schema. The integration supports existing schemas such as the Automotive Standards Council (ASC), as well as those custom-built by businesses. Highly scalable, the integration was built with multi-location businesses and agencies in mind and can be adjusted to support tens, hundreds, or thousands of locations.  

Learn More 

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