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Maximize Revenue by Focusing on Calls that Matter

Most businesses understand the importance of knowing what happens on customer phone calls. Some companies use secret shopping to understand calls, and others listen to a sample of random calls, hoping those calls are indicative of the rest. The challenge is listening to every call efficiently and effectively, so you can find ways to maximize revenue and focus on calls that actually matter.

Tracking revenue from calls and measuring overall performance can be a valuable first step, but a more effective way to maximize revenue is finding the opportunities that have been missed and saving sales that would otherwise be lost. Knowing how each agent or location performs gives you insights on which locations need some attention, and which of your reps or agents have the most positive outcomes so you can glean best practices for future coaching initiatives.

Next Wednesday, we’re hosting a webinar discussing how to:

Maximize Revenue by Focusing on Calls that Matter

We’ll be diving into ways you can quickly and easily know the outcome of every call and use it to:

  • Improve call performance and outcomes
  • Understand where to spend your time
  • Provide a better caller experience to your customers.

Discover some ways to unlock new opportunities and maximize revenue from your phone calls.

Join our webinar next week to learn more!