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Top Texting Strategies for Franchise Organizations

Text is one of the most effective ways for franchise systems to communicate. The challenge with franchise marketing is that two layers need your attention:

  1. Franchisors need to create a profitable brand and business model that is easy to replicate.
  2. Franchisees must help maintain a brand’s reputation for it to retain its value.

As a partner to a leading franchise association, Marchex provides text capabilities via its intelligent mobile messaging platform and can support multiple business functions.  Franchisees and franchisors successfully use text to:

  • Provide customer service
  • Communicate internally
  • Facilitate franchise sales

Customer Service

Many franchises are using SMS for customer service by responding to questions, reminding customers of appointments, and alerting them of changes to a provided service. Intelligent routing can facilitate communications to get customers to the right place seamlessly.

Internal Communications

New franchisees require a significant amount of support, yet many franchisors devote little time to their internal communications strategies. An easy way to communicate with franchisees is text. Not only is it convenient as most people carry a mobile phone these days, but it’s also excellent for engagement. According to Gartner, text messages have a 98 percent open rate vs. an open rate for email of 20 percent.

Franchise Sales

Franchise success largely depends on the success of franchisees. The starting point is getting your business in front of prospective franchise buyers and helping them make the big decision to buy.

Communicating via text can have strong engagement rates while reducing campaign costs and the right text platform can also take advantage of automation to qualify and nurture leads. Here are some key results Marchex Sonar customers are seeing:

  • 4 out of 5 leads being qualified by automation and intelligence
  • 5 times more meetings set after follow-up campaigns
  • 52 percent better response rates compared to emails and calls
  • 4-minute average response time for mobile messaging

Learn more about Marchex Sonar, our intelligent mobile messaging platform, or schedule a demo to see Sonar in action.