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Navigate an Uncertain Market with Conversation Intelligence

Even in uncertain economic times, businesses can stay afloat and thrive by optimizing their tech stack and keying in on the important, revenue-driving details. With conversation intelligence—insights gleaned from customer conversations taking place on calls and other channels–sales and marketing teams can uncover the hidden signals in customer interactions that can mean the difference between a one-call close and a lost opportunity. Without this information, revenue teams may miss key points in a sales call and lose the opportunity. 

Expose the Blind Spot 

Marketing and sales employees often encounter a blind spot in their efforts to collect data about their customers: phone conversations. If calls are not tracked and analyzed, essential information like caller intent or prospect source may be lost. Without the full picture, when a prospect transitions from an online source to a phone call, it’s hard for marketing teams to know which ad, campaign, or channel is driving the conversion. Salespeople need to catch up on basic information like what drove the prospect to call and what their needs are. When times are tough, such oversights could make or break a business. Conversation intelligence tools can recover this information. They use conversational intent data to inform marketing teams on what’s working and sales personnel on how to follow up. When these insights are used to optimize sales and marketing strategy, it can make a real difference in helping the company weather the storm.  

Free Up Your Team’s Schedule 

Another benefit of a conversation intelligence platform is its ability to automate previously manual tasks. Sellers used to collect customer data and enter it into the CRM one by one. A conversation intelligence platform collects this information automatically, freeing up time for sellers to get more strategic. For example, sellers can use the detailed context of a prospect’s activity, such as lead source, forms submitted, and web page activity to better understand the customer’s intent. This can inform the next best action a seller should take.  

Get Started 

Uncertain times do not have to mean disaster for your business. With the right strategy and tools at your disposal, companies can extract profit right from their existing interactions with customers. Conversation intelligence platforms like Marchex Marketing Edge can reveal insights that could mean the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. To learn more, schedule a demo with us today.