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Want to benefit from AI? Start at the end of the customer journey.

In a marketplace increasingly dominated with AI-enabled tools and solutions, it can be difficult for a business to know where to begin when it comes to implementing themOne place to start is at the end—of the customer journey, that isFrom here, you can make quick process improvements to boost sales. Gradually improving the customer journey until you reach the first touch. Using this process, you’ll be optimizing opportunities throughout the funnel. These changes ultimately lead to more closed deals and additional revenue for your business 

Give salespeople another chance to convert high-value callers 

As highlighted by Forrester, phone calls are an important source of revenue. Customers are often ending their buying journey by calling your business. What if you were able to use AI to optimize this interaction to increase revenue further?  Using conversational analytics tool, it is possible to glean insights that let your sales teams unlock the full potential of each sales call.  

One tool that can help is Marchex Sales Rescue. It automatically filters calls for you, so that you can focus on those with a high intent to purchase, allowing you to get immediate feedback on businesscritical calls. It is a strong organizational tool for leadership teams and works by automatically scoring calls according to hundreds of qualities and attributes.  

For example, if a transaction doesn’t take place on a high-intent callthe call is flagged, and an alert is sent so your business can quickly reach out for a second chance. Most salespeople do their best work when they are in direct contact with an engaged client. But sometimes, a prospect fails to take the next step for a variety of reasons. Many times, the caller’s reason for not moving forward is clear, but the conversation goes the wrong way. Having a near-immediate second chance to convert that caller, perhaps with a new offer or more information, helps your business save a sale before the caller gives their business to a competitor. 

To learn how much revenue you may be able to save with Marchex Sales Edge Rescue, visit the product page.