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2 steps to better outcomes of your inbound calls

When it comes to driving more revenue, many businesses find that converting more existing leads is the most efficient way: cutting down on missed opportunities to sell with efficiency. So how do you go about converting more of your existing leads?

Step 1: Convert your callers the first time

Ideally, you would convert high-intent callers when they initially connect with your business. Offer a great experience by anticipating what callers are seeking and delivering it—whether that be a service when and where they want it, or a product in stock, ready to be picked up or shipped. After all, according to, 35-50 percent of sales go to the vendor that responds first. But sometimes this can be easier said than done.

What if you’ve already blown the first opportunity? What if the caller hung up without an appointment or transaction? Most high-intent callers will simply call the next vendor in the search results. Oftentimes, the seller who can provide the best information at this key juncture will win the sale.

The good news is that some of these missed opportunities can be saved. So, if Step 1 fails, skip to Step 2.

Step 2: Get it right the second time

Yes, you can get a second chance.

There are several reasons calls don’t convert the first time. The caller may have had objections over features or price, or maybe the time slot for an appointment wasn’t available or a part wasn’t in stock. Some of these issues can be overcome if handled properly, but in the brief moments of a phone call, a busy or inexperienced rep may forget to offer alternatives that would satisfy the caller.

What you need when this happens is a second chance, and given callers’ propensity to call a competitor, you need it quickly. Enter Marchex Sales Edge Rescue.

Sales Edge Rescue applies AI to sales calls as they happen, monitoring and scoring these calls according to criteria you prioritize. When Sales Edge Rescue scores a call as high intent but finds a negative outcome, it will send an alert with the details. From there, you can learn what went wrong and call the customer back to make it right.

Now, Closed Loop Conversions provides automated attribution and close rate reporting via the clickable link in the alert that your salespeople use to call the customer back. This attribution enables you to see what follow-up calls your team made and the outcome of each call.

Marchex Sales Edge Rescue gives you a second chance to gain more from the leads you already have.

If you could save 25 percent of your missed opportunities, how much additional revenue would that generate for your business?

To learn more, visit the Sales Edge Rescue information page or contact us.