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3 Mind-Blowing SMS Marketing Stats for Seniors

If you’re still under the impression that SMS marketing won’t resonate with seniors, think again.

Texting is no longer just for the young; middle-aged and senior adults are more digitally connected and actively texting than ever before. Texting has evolved in recent years from an easy way to stay in touch with friends and family to quickly become one of the most effective business communication tools. With 85% of consumers preferring to receive text over a voice call or email, SMS marketing will continue to be top-of-mind for marketers.

Businesses that market to seniors should adapt new ways to keep up with their desire to be more active online and mobile. With 61% of marketers increasing their text marketing budgets in 2020, including text messaging in your marketing and communication strategy is crucial to stay competitive. More importantly, COVID and our “new normal” has shifted the way we conduct business – from scheduling appointments and tours and making online purchases to real-time delivery alerts. Digitizing the buyer’s journey has become essential to stay afloat, especially for those who operate a business with high-risk age groups.

Win customers by meeting them where they are.

86% of Americans over 50-years-old communicate with text messaging

Seniors are the fastest-growing demographic of mobile and text users. This should debunk any preconceived notion that they are intimidated about technology. For those ages 50-69, texting has surpassed email as their preferred method of communication.

Boost your conversions by pairing sales calls with texts.

98% open rate for text messages

With email open rates at just 20%, text has proven to be more effective as it is nearly guaranteed to be read by your target audience. In fact, 90 percent are read within 3 seconds. This is because the majority of texts are legitimate with spam at less than 5%. Comparably, 90-96% of all emails received are spam. In fact, most unknown calls go unanswered so offering prospects the option to text will help you build a stronger rapport and secure more deals.

Gain loyal customers with personalized offers and alerts.

57% of Baby Boomers who text would have a favorable view of a company that offers texting

Additionally, 42% agree that it would be convenient to use texting for customer service. The well-being of aging boomers is increasingly dependent on technology and texting is their top reported use of smartphones. The top three types of texts customers say they’d like to receive from businesses are updates on their shipping tracking for products, receiving order status and confirmations, and scheduling reminders. Furthermore, 75% of people have suggested that they’d be happy to receive an offer via SMS – this is why 65% of marketers say that SMS marketing is a “very effective” method for them.

Bottom line, SMS marketing for middle-aged and senior adults should not be overlooked. We get it, it’s hard to get texting right on your own. Not everyone has access to a team of developers. Nor is it easy for you to navigate the many complexities of privacy and compliance laws. Cut to the chase by utilizing a user-friendly, intelligent messaging platform designed to make it easy to connect you with customers and/or manage field staff on-the-go. No hassle, no coding needed.

Learn more about how you can add texting to your marketing mix on our Marchex Sonar page.

View the infographic below or download the infographic here.

3 Mind-Blowing SMS Marketing Stats for Seniors Infographic