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Coach phone skills and sell better with Marchex Engage for Auto

It’s 2021 and auto sales are changing, but the phone is as important as ever for auto dealerships. With the prevalence of smartphones and click-to-call functionality, dealers have found that answering the telephone and properly handling the ensuing call is essential to capitalize on their best leads.

With Marchex Engage for Automotive, dealerships can gather, organize, analyze, and act on vital sales calls through a comprehensive and secure platform. With deal-saving action alerts, they can even grab back lost sales that could have gone to a competitor. Marchex Engage shows immediate results – take McClusky Chevrolet, a dealership that tested the product:

“Having real-time examples of mishandled conversations made it easy to coach our sales team in the moment, while the conversation is fresh,” says CEO Keith McClusky. “Our salespeople did meaningfully better, immediately.”

In a recent article in Wards Auto, Marchex Senior Vice President of Automotive Matt Muilenburg emphasized the need for dealerships to monitor their conversations to ensure successful conversations and conversions.

“A customer may call to ask about a particular vehicle model, but the dealership doesn’t currently stock it. Rather than say it’s not available, a resourceful salesperson would say, ‘But we have three models like it on the lot.’ That could lead to an appointment and ultimately a sale.”

Tracking conversations to this degree used to be a time-consuming task. With Marchex Engage, it is condensed and automated using AI and automatic call scoring.

Find key moments of sales calls based on AI-driven conversational analytics

Marchex Engage uses Conversation Intelligence to automatically score and categorize sales calls when they happen. It can track which products are discussed and how the call eventually concluded, laying out all the information needed to take action. Sales managers can coach sales agents using transcript data to add more accountability.

Flag and rescue lost deals before they go to a competitor

When a caller has high intent but concludes the call without making an appointment or purchase, the opportunity may not be lost. Marchex Engage provides alerts about lost sales in real time by text or email, so reps can reengage before losing business to a competitor.

Make sales more efficient and enhance the buying experience

Marchex Engage automatically creates action lists based on the content of your sales calls, so sales teams can effectively prioritize their most valuable leads, then quickly coordinate and go get them. Improve selling performance both by increasing accountability and providing the tools to pursue and sell – without lost leads slipping through the cracks.

To learn more about improving sales performances with Marchex Engage, contact us today.