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Extract Critical Call Data to Increase Patient Appointments

In the age of telehealth, online methods of marketing have become the new industry standard. About 74% of patients research new doctors online. Marketing to potential patients online can benefit health organizations in a variety of ways. Providers already offer easy ways for patients to connect with them online, track overall marketing performance, and personalize the patient journey. However, there is a blind spot when the patient picks up the phone and dials the number from the provider’s website.  

Track Performance 

Utilizing online platforms like Marketing Edge to help eliminate the call blind spot to track marketing performance across all channels can be helpful in a multitude of ways. Multichannel attribution can link customer and patient conversations back to the marketing initiatives that drove them to place the call, making it easy for health organizations to assess what’s working and what’s not. If certain channels underperform, teams can reallocate the marketing budget away from these methods and towards channels that are more effective at attracting patients.  

Call Handling 

Call tracking and analytics platforms such as Marketing Edge can help health organizations view what happens on their calls. Using these tools, trends of hold times, call abandonment, and call volume can be tracked over time. With this information, health organizations can make adjustments like staffing appropriately during high call volume periods. Call analytics platforms also incorporate call attribution technology, giving a team the ability to connect calls to the marketing channels that drove them. Call attribution can reveal insights into how successful marketing initiatives are in attracting new patients, and which methods are falling short.  

Call tagging can provide even more benefits for providers. For example, with call tagging, health organizations can easily track calls that result in new appointments in their system. The number of new patient bookings is one of the most important metrics providers can use to assess the success of their marketing efforts, as it shows how much an organization is growing.  

Learn More 

Online marketing methods have enormous potential to help health organizations thrive. With the right digital tools, providers can connect with patients, track their organization’s performance, and monitor their calls. To learn more about how you can update your company’s marketing mix, schedule a consultation with our team.