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How Juniper Communities learned to reach more prospective residents on the phone

Juniper Communities provides a wide range of residential options for seniors in three states. To find prospective residents, Juniper relies on inbound phone calls.

When Juniper acquired a new property in May 2019, the management team discovered Marchex Speech Analytics. The team was impressed by the community’s ability to reach prospects by optimizing inbound call traffic. Due to the efficiency of the system, they implemented Marchex Speech Analytics in all 17 Juniper communities.

“We discovered that many team members responsible for our first impressions had multiple, and sometimes conflicting, responsibilities, resulting in missed customer contact,” explains Cindy Longfellow, VP of Sales & Marketing at Juniper Senior Living.

With this knowledge, Juniper could make adjustments to improve call handling and its connection rate during peak times. The company deployed several strategies including staff augmentation, changes in responsibilities, and call evaluation. (Read the full case study to learn more.)

The team implemented a key feature of Marchex Speech Analytics, the agent script tracking tool. With this, Juniper could design a custom scorecard that aligned with key points in the conversations that employees were having with prospects.  If employees had a checklist of 5 points to cover with each inbound caller, the scorecard would demonstrate which aspects were communicated and which were missed.

“We use Marchex’s analytics and tracking tools during team meetings to train and coach staff. These tools have been very effective for us in driving improvement. We anticipate seeing continued improvement in results over time.”

–Cindy Longfellow, VP of Sales & Marketing at Juniper Senior Living

Within 60 days of deploying the script tracking tool, Juniper’s “First Impressions” team improved their scores by 10 percent. As the team continues to refine its processes and procedures, they anticipate these improvements to continue across Juniper’s properties.

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