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How Marchex is Supporting Customers During the COVID-19 Crisis

The current pandemic is creating a highly uncertain business and social climate as consumers adjust to changing daily realities and businesses cope with an increasingly distributed workforce. Most businesses have little visibility into their most important customer interactions as they are occurring, and with employees working from home, they are also dealing with much slower-than-normal information sharing. The combination of these factors is meaningfully impacting their ability to make critical, real-time decisions at a time when they are most needed. It has never been more important to understand what is happening with customer interactions, as the sands continue to shift underneath our feet on a daily basis.

Many of our customers have reached out to us to help them understand all the various ways the coronavirus is impacting their customer communications and their business. From buying and servicing cars, going to the dentist, booking hotel rooms, or to servicing the heating and air-conditioning infrastructure in our homes, every category of the economy is being impacted.

Marchex’s Commitment to Customers

First and foremost, we are unequivocally committed to being there for our customers and helping them navigate this uncertain and volatile business environment. Marchex processes hundreds of millions of consumer-to-business calls and text messages and can deliver a broad range of critical conversational insights and solutions to help businesses understand and engage their customers in the most timely manner.

Today we are helping our customers understand in real time the various ways the coronavirus is impacting their businesses. Our customers are needing to make important, time-sensitive decisions as they navigate a rapidly evolving business climate. Gaining real-time insights into their customer interactions and sharing that information with their workforce through leading indicators and metrics, such as changes in appointment booking and cancellation rates, can help ensure business continuity and stability.

How We Can Help

We understand that we are all in this together, and we are all facing many challenges. Here are a few examples of ways that we can help our customers understand what is going on in their business and create adaptive strategies to navigate the changing business landscape:

Effective Call Processing

For businesses on the front lines, such as Senior Living and Healthcare facilities, being able to communicate with patients, their families and each other is critical. If you need support for higher call volumes, please contact us. Our scalable, reliable platform is built to handle massive volumes of calls. We process hundreds of millions of calls annually and can help your business scale as needed.

In addition, our AI-powered conversation platform transcribes calls accurately and in real time, so you can hear the voice of the customer through trends in conversation topics and take proactive steps to support your customers in a dynamic environment based on emerging, real time needs. Learning what is most important to your customers as it happens can help you communicate more effectively on your inbound channels, including on your website, your phone greetings and much more.

Intelligent Mobile Messaging

Texting is becoming increasingly adopted in business for both customer communications and real-time field workforce communications.

For example, Sonar, a Marchex company, has direct experience in helping businesses put SMS text communication plans in place during a crisis. With Sonar, a large regional insurance carrier put outbound SMS messaging in place in the early days immediately following Hurricane Irma when phone lines were out. This allowed them to reach their customers and communicate throughout a time when phone lines and email service were incapacitated.

We are seeing many more businesses implement texting capabilities to help keep their employees informed and current in real-time. Several enterprise and international businesses are implementing SMS messaging with their workforce in the field to ensure that all employees have the latest information as soon as possible. This is critical to staying connected, informed and highly productive.

Experience tells us that we will get through this. We are committed to weathering this challenge together. If you have any concerns about your phone or text-based channels, what’s happening in your customer conversations and how this can help inform your current priorities and actions, or how you can successfully adapt your customer listening and engagement capabilities into this challenging environment, please contact us and let us know how we can be most helpful.