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How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Playing Phone Tag with Prospects

Whether you’re the customer or the seller, the game of phone tag is frustrating on all ends. We get it, missed calls happen, but is your sales team calling back? If so, how effective are they at converting those leads? In a virtual selling world, sellers hardly get second chances so responding effectively at the right time to the right lead is critical.

With real-time call scoring, you can cut out the guesswork and gain a complete picture of your sales engagement by tracking and analyzing outbound engagements. This is the perfect complement to our more widely adopted inbound call tracking solution, Marketing Edge. We’ve extended our industry-leading conversation tracking capabilities to outbound calls so that businesses can convert more leads and improve customer experiences. Now, you can get answers to how effectively your sales team is handling overall sales calls and how many of those calls resulted in a closed sale.

Here’s what real-time call scoring can do for you:

Prevent leads from getting cold. 

With the costs of advertising and customer expectations on the rise, you can’t afford to let your sales calls go unanswered. If your customers aren’t answering, you need to figure out a way to make a connection. For instance, you might adjust your approach based on customer insights gleaned from the conversation data. Perhaps you should try calling back at different times of the day or follow up with a personalized message by email or text message. (Yes, text! If your business has not yet deployed a text channel, check out this post: Learn how two-way texting can boost your business performance.

Reduce agent response time with closed-loop sales tracking.

Studies show if you aren’t calling back your prospects within five minutes, you are at an exponential risk of losing them to a competitor who responds first. Get back to your prospects instantly with click-to-call built right into the missed opportunity alerts.

Capture an end-to-end view of all your customer interactions.

Gain a complete picture of how well your sales team is performing by tracking inbound and outbound call activity in one place. Get automated attribution and close rate reporting to ensure that your sales team is following up effectively.

Re-engage with your customers more effectively

Built on AI-based rules and analytics, we’re able to attribute calls, prioritize leads, and prep your sellers with key insights before they call back the customer. You can use this added context to equip sellers to say the right things to the right person, at every opportune moment. Simply sign up to get real-time alerts, so your sellers can take quick action to save a sale.

Watch your sales team’s productivity skyrocket. Closed-Loop Attribution is available with Marchex Sales Edge Rescue.