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Marchex receives CRM “Rising Star” Award for sales innovation technology

CRM Magazine recently named Marchex one of six “rising stars” in its 2019 CRM Leader Awards. Rising Star awards are determined by the number of innovative products and services introduced during the past year.  

In its accompanying article on MarchexCRM Media specifically highlights the advances Marchex has made in the Sales space including: 

  • Marchex Sales Rescue, an AI-based call scoring and monitoring service that alerts businesses in real-time when potential buyers hang up without making a purchase.  
  • Marchex Stream, our cloud-based conversational data and business intelligence storage and analytics platform that can extract signals from conversations as they occur and make them available in seconds. (Read this case study with Snowflake that shares our story.)  
  • The acquisitions of Telmetrics and Callcap, which provide Marchex with additional communication channels and an expanded conversational AI footprint.  

While Marchex traditionally focused on call analytics for marketing applications, AI and machine learning technologies can help sales operations and customer service personnel find informative patterns in conversational data that can help improve their effectiveness, too.  

According to, Because of complementary advances in natural language processing, machine learning and image recognition, the range of tasks for which AI is well-suited is growing daily.” 

Marchex’s marketing analytics technology helps marketers analyze their data to better understand the consumer, gain attribution across channels and make better business decisions. According to research by Think with Google, leading marketers value a holistic view of consumers and invest in machine learning to support their activitiesThese same marketers believe how they apply their data is crucial to success. In fact, 60 percent of leading marketers believe data-driven attribution is essential to understanding the journeys of high-value customers 

Here at Marchex, we are excited to be recognized as a rising star for sales innovation technologyIf you’d like to learn more about Marchex and what it can do for your sales or marketing organization, contact us