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How to migrate your Zipwhip data effortlessly

There’s no doubt that texting is becoming an important communication channel for many businesses. With a robust texting platform, you can efficiently and effectively connect with customers via text, but, if you’re currently using Zipwhip as a texting solution, you’ve likely heard that Twilio is permanently shutting down Zipwhip on December 1, 2022.

The good news — you can migrate your Zipwhip account to Marchex Sonar in minutes.

It’s now possible to keep your current landline text-enabled and seamlessly move your phone numbers to Sonar’s system with just a few clicks. Everything from your Zipwhip account can be migrated to the Sonar platform — including your contacts, groups, and templates as well as all conversation data and message history.

When you switch to Marchex Sonar, you can: ​

  • Deploy a powerful and robust texting platform ​
  • Send customers the info they need with Advanced Keywords
  • Use message templates to simplify responses
  • Leverage AI-powered conversation flows​
  • Keep control with the industry’s most robust permission sets
  • Create highly customizable workflows​
  • Take advantage of custom development options to fit your business

More Marchex Sonar Benefits:

Texting Campaigns and A/B Testing

With Sonar, you’re not limited to sending your message to small groups. Send messages in a bulk fashion for text marketing to your opt-in list, operations or customer alerts. With built in A/B tests and powerful contact segmentation, you can test, track and evolve your messaging to increase sales and engagement.

Message Templates & Automation

It’s no longer necessary for every message to be sent manually, eliminate repetitive work by using message templates for common responses. Message templates allow you to send specific messages automatically or on a pre-defined schedule. You can also accelerate conversations by using the Sonar bot to handle routine inquiries so your reps can stay engaged in higher-value conversations. If your organization is large or has distributed locations, you can maintain control of each user’s access with over 70 customizable permissions.

Advanced Keywords

With the most in-depth keyword functionality in the industry, you can grow your opted-in prospect list, set up custom workflows, and get your customers the information they’re looking for instantly. Have as many keywords as you wish tied to your phone number at no additional charge.


Visit the Zipwhip migration page to learn more and fill out the form to get started.