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Prepare Your Team for Electric Vehicle (EV) Phone Calls

The automotive industry is heavily investing in electric vehicles (EVs). Consumers are showing curiosity and excitement, but also raising questions and concerns. Dealerships are at the forefront and must adapt quickly. 

Last year, over one million EVs were sold in the US, marking a 9% year-over-year increase. * Despite a slowdown in consumer adoption rates–and dealerships trying to balance inventory, staff education, and marketing–experts still anticipate continued EV growth. Dealerships must remain adaptable to thrive in this evolving landscape. In fact, 7.4% of all new vehicles sold in January were battery electric vehicles (BEVs). **

Here’s how to help you prepare your team for effective EV phone interactions: Prepare for Electric Vehicle (EV) Phone Conversations.Tips and Tricks_Feb. 2024

Mastering Core Call Handling Skills 

Before delving into EV specifics, ensure your team excels in fundamental call handling. Utilize live receptionists or Business Development Centers (BDC) to answer phones, avoiding using frustrating automated systems that can deter callers. Regularly check and optimize Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems to streamline caller experiences and minimize failed calls. To learn more: Marchex Call Tracking – Learn Where Your Calls Are Coming From  

Emphasize Test Drives 

Encourage customers to experience EVs firsthand through test drives to dispel myths and highlight their performance.  

Exceptional Customer Service 

Emphasize the importance of exceptional customer service in all interactions. Train your team to actively listen to customer needs, offer personalized recommendations, and follow up promptly to address any concerns or questions, fostering trust and loyalty. To learn more: Electric-vehicle (BEV) buyers demand new experiences | McKinsey 

Flexibility and Adaptability 

Continuously evaluate and adapt your phone conversation strategies based on customer feedback and market trends. Encourage open communication within your team to share best practices and refine approaches for success. 

Addressing Customer Concerns Proactively 

Train your team to address common EV-related concerns such as range anxiety and charging infrastructure availability. Provide accurate information on EV range capabilities, charging options, and maintenance cost savings to alleviate customer apprehensions. 

By implementing these strategies, your dealership can prepare its team to excel in EV-related phone conversations, delivering exceptional customer experiences and driving sales in the rapidly evolving electric vehicle market. 

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**Source: Market Beat | NADA