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Use Session-Based DNI to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Session-based dynamic number insertion, or DNI, is a call tracking tool that helps marketing teams link phone conversations to the online sources that drove them. 

What Does DNI Track? 

Session-based DNI is a key component of call tracking solutions that allows you to see which actions lead a customer to call your business. The tool can track many types of actions a customer takes prior to calling the dynamic tracking number such as:  

  • Referring Source (ad clicks, social media, email, etc.) 
  • Searched keywords 
  • Webpage navigation (history of user clicks to pages within the site prior to the call event) 
  • Web form submissions 

How Does it Work?

To start, a business defines dynamic number replacement rules and either assigns unique numbers that will be displayed to all visitors to track channel level attribution or sets up a number pool to assign a unique number to each visitor and track session-level attribution. A JavaScript snippet will be generated that once included on the website, will execute display a tracking phone number to the user and identify the source of the incoming traffic if session-level attribution is enabled. Thus, when a site visitor arrives at the website via one of the online sources, the dynamic tracking number assigned to that source is prominently displayed for the visitor to contact. 

Why is it Useful? 

Your team can automatically send call event data associated with the dynamic tracking numbers into marketing analytics applications such as GA4 and Google Ads. This allows your business to view not only which online sources generate the most calls, but which ones end up generating calls that convert to a sale. From here, your business can optimize its marketing budget towards the most successful channels. When your business finds out which ads, keywords, content or campaigns are driving the calls most likely to lead to sales, you could significantly boost your overall revenue.  

What data and insights do you get with DNI? 

  • Source (PPC, Organic, Referrals, Google My Business, Facebook etc.) 
  • Keyword 
  • Campaign 
  • Ad Group 
  • Landing page URL 
  • The Landing Page, in which the caller landed 
  • Referring domain 
  • UTM Parameters 
  • Which tracking number was called  
  • Date and time of the call 
  • Caller ID and Duration 
  • UTMs or another custom URL parameter 

Marketing teams can gain further insights into call outcomes by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) with their platform—boosting the value of session-based DNI programs. In addition to the information that is collected through the use of DNI, by adding Marchex AI-powered insights, business can also see a number of other valuable signals, providing a robust view of their interaction with the customer. Signals such as service or product a caller inquired about, department caller intended to reach, if an appointment was set, summaries of the call and so much more. 

Learn More 

Session-based dynamic number insertion (DNI) is an invaluable tool for marketing teams that helps them analyze the customer journey, find out what’s working and what isn’t, and adjust their marketing strategy accordingly. To learn more about how DNI can help improve your marketing efforts, schedule a demo with us today.