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How healthcare enterprises can use Call Analytics to find more patients

For multi-location businesses offering niche health services like hearing aids and dental care, driving calls from digital ads is likely one of your main sources of new business. And once those callers connect with your business, it’s equally important they have a positive experience reaching a representative and having their inquiry solved – whether that be for information or to set an appointment. In addition, when your business is spread out over multiple locations, you also need to think about consistency across offices for the sake of your brand reputation. Today’s Call Analytics can address these concerns and help your business optimize media spend, your callers’ experience and your brand reputation. So, how does it work?

Optimize media spend

To get the most out of your media budget, optimizing for high-performing channels is key. You know which ads were clicked, but how do you know which keywords really performed? Call Analytics can shed light on which keyword drove the call so you can adjust your budget for maximum impact.

Streamline the path to purchase

Understanding why potential customers or patients call can help you optimize their experience. From adjusting the menu on the interactive voice response system (IVR) to cut out unnecessary steps to crafting agent scripts based on caller sentiment, Call Analytics can help you learn why people are calling so you can set up your operations to meet their needs and book more appointments.

Offer an excellent brand experience across locations

A challenge of many multi-location brands is to understand why some perform well and some only so-so. This is where Call Analytics really shines. You can gain deep insights into the behaviors, scripts, and performance of each location for comparison—all in a single dashboard. This top-level view is critical to learning where performance is strong and why, so you can leverage those best practices across all locations to improve overall business performance and the experience with your brand business-wide. To learn more about how Call Analytics helps multi-location businesses, download this multi-location one-sheet.

Or, to learn how Call Analytics serves the health industry, visit our healthcare industry web page.