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Marchex Wins the 2024 AI Excellence Award

Marchex is excited to announce that we have won the 2024 Business Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award in the Generative AI category for Marchex Platform Services! As artificial intelligence (AI) enters mainstream consciousness, technology continues to evolve at a breakneck pace. The AI Excellence Awards recognizes people, products, and companies that apply AI tools to real-world problems.  

“We are truly honored to recognize Marchex Platform Services with this prestigious award”, said Maria Jimenez, chief nominations officer for Business Intelligence Group. “The unwavering commitment of their team to excellence and their innovative AI applications have catapulted them to this remarkable achievement. Congratulations to the entire organization!” 

The win is a highly notable achievement for Marchex, as 2024 marks the fourth consecutive year the company has won this award, and the first time Marchex Platform Services has been recognized. Marchex Platform Services was acknowledged as a key player in the conversational analytics space for transforming the way businesses engage with their customers.  

With a focus on ingesting and analyzing business-to-consumer (B2C) conversations via phone calls and conversation transcripts, Marchex Platform Services employs state-of-the-art AI technologies that unearth rich insights for organizations across several verticals. 

“Marchex’s unique approach to harnessing generative AI for conversational analytics sets us apart in the market, providing invaluable tools for businesses to enhance sales and customer service, train agents, and improve overall business performance,” said Edwin Miller, Marchex CEO.  “This latest award reflects our team’s hard work and focus on delivering products that can help companies interact more effectively with their customers, ultimately boosting the bottom line while improving the overall customer experience,” 

“Artificial Intelligence is now playing a more important role in our lives,” said Maria Jimenez in a parting statement. “We are so proud that such an incredible group of companies won this year’s program. Congratulations to all the creativity and hard work of every employee involved.” 

Marchex’s advanced conversation intelligence platform is designed to equip sales and marketing teams with actionable insights. These insights facilitate immediate and effective responses to customer needs and drive successful business outcomes. Marchex’s expansive reach is evident in its processing of over a billion minutes of consumer-to-business voice conversations.