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Deep Call Scoring: Marchex Sales Rescue

The Marchex MIND Lab data science team has built the best of breed AI for conversational analytics from Marchex’s growing base of more than one billion minutes of analyzed consumer-to-business conversations. We enable enterprise brands to quickly draw conclusions about marketing, sales and service performance across hundreds or thousands of locations. Sometimes, however, customers want more granularity about the highest-value missed opportunities, and prescriptive, timely guidance about specific actions to take when opportunities are missed. Sales Rescue brings together Marchex’s AI functionality with call monitoring and scoring to find the important nuances in the customer conversations that matter most.

A New Level of Call Scoring

Marchex AI has the power to identify and filter the highest-intent calls and provide a number of important signals that help our customers optimize their media spend today, including keyword optimization, personalized advertising, and re-targeting. With our new offering, Marchex Sales Rescue, we focus on rescuing the opportunities that stalled after a prospect or customer contacted a business over the phone, but didn’t result in a sale. By combining Marchex AI with call monitoring and scoring, we can perform a much deeper analysis of the most valuable conversations. The call monitoring and scoring service can discern highly-nuanced buying signals and criteria that matter most in each industry. In addition, call monitoring and scoring offers an immediate solution for companies in industries that Marchex has not traditionally served.

“Sales Rescue provides our company with incredibly powerful tools that enable actionable ROI,” said Bethany DeLaurencio, Marketing Director of Jerry Kelly Heating and Air. “It enables monitoring and analysis of our phone calls, along with real-time notifications, so we not only can see the outcome of every call, but also have the ability to save customers on an immediate basis.”

With Sales Rescue, each individual call is first scored using an extensive system that can identify hundreds of different attributes, and can be customized extensively to meet a business’s specific requirements. For example, Sales Rescue can glean the age of the furnace owned by the caller, which can be valuable information in current or future interactions. The service then outputs a scorecard to capture details of the call and categorize the outcome as positive, negative, or neutral. This highly efficient process triggers a timely alert with detailed, actionable information to be sent to the business, providing the opportunity to re-engage immediately to rescue a prospect that is at risk of becoming someone else’s customer. The alerts flag the highest value and highest intent prospects that the business was not able to convert to the next stage, whether that is a sale or an appointment.

Most Businesses Want Straightforward Optimization Paths; They Don’t Want to Listen to all of their Phone Calls

Businesses today are busy doing just that, running their businesses. A branch location of an enterprise brand that receives 3,000 calls per month to its business (or 100 per day) would need an extra employee to listen to calls to find missed opportunities. Sales Rescue performs the “listening” at scale without the need for the business to hire an additional employee. With Sales Rescue, that location could expect to receive 5-10 alerts each day about specific, non-converted sales calls that have a high potential to be saved by the business. This allows the business to continue to focus on providing great service and gain the opportunity to correct for the high-value opportunities that slipped through the cracks. Each rescue opportunity is tracked in a dashboard that enables users to enter and track the number of rescue attempts made, who made them, how many were successful, and how much revenue was saved.

Timeliness Matters

Every tick of the clock after a customer has a negative experience with a business increases the likelihood that customer will go elsewhere, while also carrying a negative impression of that first business. Through Sales Rescue, Marchex can help businesses create better customer experiences by accelerating response time to the most highly valued prospect.

Gain a Helping Hand

Marchex Sales Rescue can give your business a second chance to win the prospects that already raised their hand and expressed intent but did not convert—before they become a competitor’s customer and a lost opportunity for your business. Marchex Sales Rescue combines AI with call monitoring and scoring to find the best opportunities you missed and quickly alert you about what went wrong so that you can take action to turn that potentially lost prospect into a satisfied long-term customer.

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