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Travel advertisers tend to see higher revenue and conversion rates from phone bookings vs. online bookings

We’re already halfway through April and spring breaks around the country are coming to an end.  Travelers are thinking about summer vacation plans and travel advertisers are ramping up their marketing efforts. Our customers in the travel space heavily rely on inbound phone calls for their sales/bookings. Trends continue to show growth in sales from mobile. Digital travel sales in the US are estimated to reach $198 billion, of which 40% will come from mobile this year.1 To help customers optimize, the Marchex Institute analyzed data from over 4 million clicks and 66 thousand calls and discovered some actionable trends.

Here are some key findings2:

Calls can drive 137% more revenue than clicks.

Travel advertisers can optimize their online-to-offline customer journey by evaluating which media channels drive calls. Our customers in the travel industry use Marchex solutions to help them optimize media spend. They can learn which media channels (search, display, social) generate the most calls so they can prioritize spend towards tactics that are likely to drive new bookings.

Travel Infographic Section

Conversion rates for calls can be 57% higher than click conversion rates.

Marketers are improving their customers’ experiences with their brand by gaining insights on what happens on phone calls. Then, they can retarget high-intent callers with relevant content.

Marchex can help answer key questions so you can focus on creating better experiences for your customers:

  • Did someone answer the phone when a customer called?
  • Did the caller have a positive experience with my brand?
  • How can I optimize my campaigns for callers that want to book reservations?
  • How can I create the right audience segments using high intent data from calls?

One travel client’s revenue from phone bookings was 44% higher than online bookings in Q3 of 20173. Additionally, 10% of inbound phone calls converted into new bookings, whereas clicks only converted at 7%4.

Marchex focuses on helping to bridge the online-to-offline attribution gap for customers so they can achieve their goals.

For more travel advertiser insights, check out the full infographic.

Or, to learn how Marchex can help you optimize your media spend, visit our web page: Marchex Omnichannel Analytics Cloud.

1eMarketer 2017
2Marchex Institute analysis of travel data from Q3 2017.