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Click-to-Call: Ringing Up Travel

by John Busby | July 20, 2015

Summer time is here, and that means peak season for travel and hospitality businesses. Even on the busiest days and peak travel times, hotel rooms go unfilled and rental cars sit empty, neglected and idle in baking-hot airport parking lots. And for every asset that goes unused, there is a missed business opportunity the company will never get back: There will never be a chance to sell that room or rent that car on that exact day. Clearly there’s room here for these businesses to optimize and the road to this optimization begins with plugging up leaky holes in the sales funnel.

Research from Google has demonstrated that 60% of mobile searchers are very likely to call a hotel or rental car service if the service’s mobile advertisement displays a click-to-call option. Furthermore, data from the Marchex Call Analytics platform shows click-to-call conversion rates are consistently over 25% for rental car companies and 20% for hotels. The problem, however, is that 12% of all calls end in hang-ups, not bookings.

The Marchex Institute has reexamined the data of over 10,000 calls using Marchex Call DNATM in order to determine why consumers are calling when many of the options for travel consumers are available online. It all boils down to the human connection that exists with a phone call. Callers are more likely to ask complex questions about features and services, customizable options and unique situations—information that can be difficult to convey with web forms. The most requested services from hotel guests include free breakfasts, suites, rooms with views, pool access, free upgrades and gym usage.

Therein lies an opportunity for the business to train their phone agents to anticipate common requests, cutting down call times and increasing conversion rates. The more efficiently travel and hospitality call centers can optimize every call from every potential customer, the better all parties needs will be served.

This is only a small portion of the information The Marchex Institute was able to discover. For a “free upgrade” to more information, please read the full white paper on this topic: “Mobile and the Modern Traveler.”

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