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Reporting, Measurement and Attribution Emerge as Industry Priorities

by David Rollison | February 6, 2017

The other day, MediaPost covered the latest study from the Interactive Advertising Bureau released at IAB’s annual leadership conference. This article caught our eyes at Marchex HQ due to the fact that the top priority for industry leaders in the coming year will be “better reporting, measurement or attribution.”

iab-big-squareAttribution is our bread and butter, main course and, why not, dessert. For years, Marchex has worked to deliver deeper attribution and measurement for our clients looking to optimize not only their digital marketing campaigns, but also their caller, and ultimately customer, experience. It’s always been about the data, but the ability to which we can gather, measure and utilize data findings has greatly increased over the years, and by the sound of what came out of the IAB, is here not a moment too soon.

The Senior VP of Data and Ad Effectiveness and GM of IAB’s Data Center of Excellence said, “Cross-media measurement and attribution are critical issues that demand focus and significant resources this year and beyond.”

Marketing is no longer a straight line. Your customers are bouncing all over the map while researching and making purchase decisions. Now is the time for advertisers to really hone in on the exploding omnichannel experience. And with an omnichannel experience comes the demand for omnichannel analytics, and a way of parsing, understanding and implementing this data that stretches from desktop to mobile, video to banner, social to site, and back again. It’s a very exciting time to be a marketer.

You can read the full coverage, with a link to IAB’s complete report, on their website.

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