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Let’s Get Personal: Why the extra touch of 1:1 marketing means the world to your customers

by Guy Weismantel | April 5, 2017

There’s no doubt that we live in a personalized world.

For instance, today you can order more than 80,000 drink combinations at Starbucks alone.

That’s a pretty good indicator that consumers all want to be marketed to with products, services and messages that resonate with who we are, who we aspire to be and what fits our needs — just as our double shot whatever venti drink of the season reflects our unique place in the universe at this instant. Consider how many times you’ve been served up an ad and wondered, “How did they know this was something I was interested in?” That’s a marketer who has found their audience!

I’ve found my audience, now what?

So, when you do find your audience and know where they hang out and the messages to which they responded, the next objective is to find the most targeted message that helps them make a decision to pick up the phone or head into your store to learn more and make a purchase. Today, marketers are increasingly turning to social media to identify the specific profile of an ideal buyer or user of the product or service you have to sell and market. We call that an example of 1:1 marketing—messaging originating from the brand that feels like it’s tailor-made and personalized just for us. It speaks to us, it resonates with us, and most importantly, it spurs us to take a specific, brand-defined action.

With the advent and maturity of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, marketers have an increasing ability to hone-in on prospects and gain visibility into the offline transactions, like a phone call resulting in a sale, directly influenced by marketing social campaigns. Greater transparency in this customer journey means that now marketers can better understand both the effectiveness of their targeted social media ads, and how to drive incremental sales from those ads.

Social media mobile advertisements play a huge role in influencing offline conversions (such as phone calls) for marketers. Unlike with online e-commerce conversions, marketers often have limited visibility into the offline transactions influenced by social media platforms, because there is no common identifier across the online and offline customer profiles. The missing link!

Optimizing for the online-to-offline customer journey

Today, prospects exposed to social media ads may call from many downstream channels (e.g., from an online search or website). Savvy marketers using cutting-edge, industry-leading technology can now track this interaction and tie it back to the ad they ran on the social media platform—the ad they personalized to that customer profile—to paint a complete picture of the customer journey. This insight gives marketers a leg up on the competition in finding that perfect prospect online and turning them into a customer offline.

To find out more about optimizing your 1:1 marketing strategy with a full view of the online to offline customer journey, please contact us today.

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