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100% Keyword-level Attribution for Calls Is 100% Possible

by Marchex | April 18, 2017

You may be steeped in optimizing your search strategies to drive hits to your eCommerce site, but don’t over look the significance of conversions that happen by phone. Do you know which of the well-researched terms you bid on are resulting in revenue-generating calls?  If not, it’s time to up the game with your search analytics provider. Leading search analytics providers have the capability to take call data from your sales ops team and connect it to your keyword strategy.

If a significant portion of your company’s revenue comes from customers who call or come to your showroom, it’s imperative that you can show that your search strategies–and the money you spend on them–are driving traffic, and delivering high-intent prospects who are likely to become customers.

I want to buy moments google

Source: Google

As a digital marketer in a mobile commerce environment, you know that calls are the lifeblood of your search campaigns.  With the help of call extensions and custom landing pages, you can focus on both the large bell-curved masses of customers searching on your main keywords, and the long-tail of specialized, and often high-value customers, who are looking for something very specific.

Today’s leading search analytics solutions offer the ability to attribute your calls all the way down to the keyword level, enabling you to target and adjust bids on the keywords that drive the high-intent callers. With this data at your fingertips, you can use your search expertise to look for creative ways to squeeze more out of your budget.

For example, use data from successful calls to identify high-performing keywords that landed the call and adjust your bid strategy to snap them up at times of day, days of the week or in geographic regions where they are under-utilized.

Search marketing has long been a combination of art and science. Now you can work with your search analytics provider to prove that your creative search strategies are delivering profitable results.

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