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Turn the Call into a Customer 

by Guy Weismantel | April 20, 2017

As a marketer, one of the most beneficial, and sometimes frustrating, exercises you can do is to pose as a shopper or better yet, listen in on your company’s phone reps to hear how your customer service agents handle incoming calls.

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When things go right, telesales teams often get little recognition. When things go wrong, however, you can bet they hear about it. And yet, these agents represent the tie between true marketing ROI and the promised land of a new customer. It truly is the last mile of the marketing journey, and unfortunately for many marketers today, it’s the one you least control.

Think about it—you’ve found a target-rich environment of potential customers and through your award-winning YouTube video and your savvy social campaign and delivered them to your sales team’s front door. In many cases you have little to no access to your telesales agents and they may have little knowledge, interest, or alignment with your marketing and branding goals. As a marketer, you need to know more about the conversation—Did callers mentioning bundling? How often did calls reference your competitors in the conversation? Did they bring up the new product by name?

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When faced with analyzing tens of thousands of calls conducted by your agents each month, you need two things as a marketer—speed and scale. You need to be able to quickly identify conversations that end in a sale so you can make sure agents are following best practices. You need to pinpoint and act on missed sales opportunities where a specific product or service was referenced. And you need to do all this while ensuring you’re adhering to the privacy and ethics standards that protect the caller and the agent alike. No small task!

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In an effort to create more alignment between sales and marketing, more and more companies are turning to technology to tie a company’s marketing strategy to the conversation that took place on the phone with a prospect. These technology solutions not only help optimize the agents’ response to callers, they help the marketer drive more calls with high conversion potential to the agent. They do this by providing full transcripts and keyword spotting for every phone call without requiring a team of people to listen to thousands of recorded conversations.

Your task is to get the insight from these calls before your competition does. You need to pivot, double-down, or quickly modify your marketing and media plans to respond to what your prospects are saying and find more of them before the competition.

And that’s finally where the circle gets completed. When you can optimize agent performance; when you know what a successful call looks like and can model that across an entire team; and most importantly—when you can connect the person who picked up the phone and turned into a customer back to your marketing and media mix and optimize your spend, you’ve eliminated the blind spot and are primed to grow your business.

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That’s the difference between simply marketing in modern times and truly becoming a Modern Marketer.

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